Bank spots that don’t break the bank

When you think about bank commercials, huge campaigns with massive TV production budgets come to mind. But community banks need to be more frugal, and spend their money more efficiently.

Laurie Beard is Grand Rapids’ biggest cheerleader… and is also CEO of Founders Bank & Trust, a small bank serving the Grand Rapids, MI area. She wanted commercials for her bank that reflected her love for her community, as well as her bank’s financial strength and dedication to personal service… but didn’t want to spend a fortune on TV spots.

We made that happen, spending a day shooting “run and gun” around town and another day shooting banking scenes and interviews with Laurie. We kept the crew and equipment package small and efficient, just like Founders… and shot with our Sony EX-1 HD camera.

With nice simple lighting, and some serious attention paid to color correction on Sandlot’s Avid DS, we were able to provide two beautiful spots without breaking the bank.