Please… Not a funeral home commercial!

My writer friend Becky said she was sending me boards for series of low-budget funeral home spots. I had managed to get through thirty years of directing commercials avoiding funeral homes or feminine hygiene products… I thought to myself, “Just kill me now… maybe I can get a deal on a casket”.  But then I saw the boards. Becky had written some of the most beautiful, evocative advertising copy I’d ever seen. These things needed visuals worthy of the words.

The worlds longest camera

We shot on location in Michigan. Because the budget was small, we decided to shoot with our Sony EX-1 HD camera, and a Pro-35 adapter that allowed us to use 35mm film lenses. It not only turned our little EX-1 into the world’s longest camera, but it helped us achieve a very cinematic look. The talent were all real people, not professional actors.

So thanks, Becky for these wonderful spots. I’ll never doubt you again.