Going global with Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin needed a spectacular way to proclaim their leading edge technologies, such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and their Aegis Missile Defense System.

The world's first video globe


Working with The Brand Experience, I created the media for a 9-foot video globe sculpture, with the world’s continents defined by an array of 51 LCD video monitors. I directed three vignettes, dramatizing action-packed combat scenarios. We shot everything with the RED ONE camera in 4K (about 4 times the resolution of HDTV) and I edited the scenes on Sandlot’s Avid DS in 4k, allowing these bold images to be displayed in full resolution over entire continents.

The globe was truly a dream project… I got to take temporary command of USS Gettysburg, an Aegis missile cruiser, as we shot aerial footage of her at sea. We shot in an F-35 simulator, and in the National Severe Storm Center in Norman, OK. But best of all, our team enjoyed the challenge of pulling off a technical achievement that nobody has ever tried before.

The display hardware is designed with great flexibility so that individual video images can cover entire hemispheres or each of the 51 monitors can display its own separate image. Each of the 51 monitors is fed by its own individual, synchronized video server.

Visitors are greeted with the globe in “screen-saver” mode, a satellite view of the earth, with animated cloud-weather patterns gently moving across the land. The globe is fully interactive, allowing Lockheed Martin’s hosts to tailor the video content to the needs of the day’s visitors.