Sandlot Pictures goes social

Earlier this week Cincinnati was named Most Social City for Mashable’s Social Media Day. Thousands of cities worldwide celebrated the event on June 30. “Cincinnati is a mid-sized city made-up of distinct communities — we love to love our city together. Social Media is one way we connect,” said Anne Castleberry, who put together Cincinnati’s #SMDay event.

To help celebrate and bask in some of our city’s “15 minutes of social media fame” Sandlot Pictures created this #freakin’awesome video. ( That’s a twitter joke folks. Trust me, your kids are in stitches.) Phil Mastman and Marty Driscoll conceived, shot and edited the video in a little more than than a day.

As this was one of those projects with no budget and no client, we had the freedom to play around. It didn’t take long for Phil to notice that nearly every person at the party was constantly tweeting, barking and yelping on their smartphones and tablets. It looked like an iPhone convention. In one long continuous shot, Phil quickly moved his camera from one phone to the next, over and over until he shot every phone he could find. In post, he super-sped up the shot, creating a very cool, energetic montage of smartphones, with no cuts.

The All Night Party provided a great music track by the band Sohio for the project. The video is an energetic look at the Cincinnati social media community and highlights our city’s status as a social media hub. We think you should celebrate social media day by sharing this video with all your friends. That makes sense, right?