If you were to stretch out all the film and tape Phil’s shot over the decades and splice it end to end, you’d not only ruin a whole lot of film and tape, but you’d probably be arrested for littering in four states.

We bring this up because all of that time on the job means that we’ve seen just about every kind of production challenge there is, and we’re ready to handle nearly anything you can throw at us.

We place value on great ideas and great execution, no matter what the budget. We like to take a project on from your earliest nugget of an idea, and polish it and nuance it all the way through to completion. We enjoy taking on big challenges and doing the things that have never been done before.

Of course, none of this means any thing without over-the-top client service, and an obsession with conducting business in a professional, ethical and transparent manner.

Just one rule: We don’t shoot weddings or Bar Mitzvahs.