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Sandlot Pictures goes social

Earlier this week Cincinnati was named Most Social City for Mashable’s Social Media Day. Thousands of cities worldwide celebrated the event on June 30. […]

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Bank spots that don’t break the bank

When you think about bank commercials, huge campaigns with massive TV production budgets come to mind. But community banks need to be more frugal, […]

Beach Girl

Please… Not a funeral home commercial!

My writer friend Becky said she was sending me boards for series of low-budget funeral home spots. I had managed to get through thirty […]

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Verisign video made from still pics… 15,000 of ’em!

It’s the facility that connects all of us to the internet. Secure… Powerful… State of the art. Who better to tell the story of […]

The world's first video globe

Going global with Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin needed a spectacular way to proclaim their leading edge technologies, such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and their Aegis Missile Defense System. […]